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AI interviews

Wave goodbye to the old-school hassle of scheduling interviews. Welcome to a new era of hiring with our video interview software, designed to cut through the noise and zoom straight to the best.
Auto-scheduling with on-the-fly questions
Provision to add custom questions
Clean panel with screen-share, speech-to-text, coding-friendly interface
Unbiased evaluation and scoring
AI interviews

Create dynamic JDs

Crafting job descriptions is a breeze with our AI video interview software. Drop in your keywords and let our tech do the rest, crafting JDs that attract the right candidates.
Generate JD customized to your requirements
Easy JD Link created for hassle-free media sharing
Create dynamic JDs

Smart resume matching

Tired of the resume jungle? Our AI hiring solutions turn chaos into order, matching you with the perfect candidates at the speed of light.
Filter precise matches based on the JD
Accurate compatibility scoring
Experience and skill matching with pre / post interview feedback
Smart resume matching

In-depth candidate reports

Dive deep into candidate insights with reports that tell the whole story. Our online interview platform doesn't just skim the surface; we get to the heart of what makes candidates tick.
360 degree assessment without biases
Evaluates the core-skills cumulatively and separately
Personality assessment with our smart AI
In-depth candidate reports

Loved by our customers

Suriyamoorthy P

Business Head, T2 Innovations
The platform’s extensive 360-degree reports on candidates, based on AI interviews, have empowered us to make data-driven decisions, significantly improving our hiring quality. Additionally, the seamless integration of with our platform has streamlined our workflow, making it easier than ever to manage our recruitment processes. is an essential tool in our mission to attract and retain top-tier talent.

Pagadala Satishbabu

Managing Director, Talent Triumph Infotech Pvt.Ltd
The AI-driven solutions have streamlined our hiring and significantly improved candidate quality. Their innovative approach has enabled us to attract top talent across industries such as Retail, Telecom, Automobile, Embedded Systems, BFSI, E-commerce, Healthcare, FMCG, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Supply Chain. is an invaluable partner in our mission to provide exceptional recruitment solutions.

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Hiring made super-easy with the power of AI
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